Halloween Franconia Pint Night + BINGO

Now is the time when we pull out all that Halloween Music for Bingo and drink from Franconia Brews
Enjoy spooktacular food and brew!
Sooooooo grab your herd of zombies, congress of ghosts, coven of vampires, witches, Coventry of warlocks, capers of mutants, fellowship of wizards, malignity of Goblins, dignity of dragons, tizzy of fairies, fondle of unicorns, legion of demons, **DEEP BREATH*** lunacy of werewolves, liberty of mummies…etc you get the point and come on out and enjoy yourselves! Or you can roll solo as well.
Fun starts at 6pm! Bingo starts at 7pm! Muahahahahaha!!!
✔️ FREE TO PLAY✔️ Seating is first come first served