Alexia’s Medical Benefit Show!

As many of you know, I have been having several medical problems since August resulting in multiple ER trips, 2 long hospital stays and a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Due to the expenses from this I have had many close friends ask me if they could set up a GoFundMe page to help me raise money for the medical bills and for treatment. As much as I appreciate everyones effort in trying to help, I just didn’t feel comfortable going that route. Thanks to my wonderful friend Hannah, she helped me set up a benefit show at the restaurant she works at!
I have decided to use the gift God gave me to help raise money for my medical expenses. My good friend Timothy will be playing with me from 7-10. Whatever you guys can donate I will be more than grateful for, I am also very excited to get back on the stage again! I hope you all can make it, I look forward to this event!
Feel free to invite anyone you would like!